Drawing closer to god through prayer


Articles by Ann Fitzgerald regarding the power of prayer along with

seasonal church related observances


Bethlehem is characterized as a sleepy little town. Our favorite carols sing about a silent night, a baby sleeping in a manger with gentle animals hovering over his sweet face. All is calm. Yet the birth of Jesus was no small thing in the spiritual domain of our world. You can bet the incarnation of God sent shock waves throughout Satan’s kingdom. What might seem quiet and even dull to our eyes might be quite the opposite in the heavens. So, it is in the churches around the world today. It is hard not to be discouraged by shrinking numbers and drowsy Christians in our churches today. But do not be fooled by such misperceptions. Steve Hawthorne of Waymakers.org reports that more Christians are praying now than at any time in history. At least 200 million believers pray every day for the advancement of world missions and 15 million groups around the world pray weekly for missions in their communities. There is a massive surge of prayer in the Christian church going on right now. God is on the move. Just as a quiet baby in the manger was the redemption of all humanity so the church today thunders with God’s movement when she humbles herself and prays. “Devote yourselves to prayer with an alert mind and a thankful heart.” Colossians 4:2 new living translation.

December 24

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