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December 2019

Advent is quite an odd season in the church year. The assigned texts all remind us of the end of time, of war and famine, pain and pestilence. And at the same time they speak of the coming of the King, and the joys of His coming Kingdom. We are therefore warned and encouraged to “watch and pray, for we do not know the time or the day…”    Read more here


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April 28, 2019, Alpha here

July 8, 2018, Mission: Reframing here

April 22, 2018, Good Shepherd here

February 11, 2018, Only Jesus here


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Below is a list of Ministries that Gloria Dei Lutheran Church support with Benevolence Funds and/or partner with to continue our mission of serving.  These organization range from as near as a short walk out our front door to the other side of the globe. The links are identified in red